Business Occupancy

New Businesses
Every new business requires approval of an Occupancy Permit before opening.

Before Signing a Lease
In that regard, it is highly recommended that you begin the review process with us before signing a lease. We will check the zoning to clarify if your business is a permitted use. Parking requirements will also be verified for your type of business.

New Business Resources
Starting a new business or locating one in the Village of Shorewood requires some planning to insure that your start-up will proceed smoothly. It is important that you determine that your business will meet village code requirements and existing ordinances. The following brochure, occupancy application, and checklist are a good place to begin the process of opening a business:
If your business is identified as a permitted use in the zoning code, you may simply complete an Occupancy Permit Application (PDF) and submit it to the Planning & Development Department.