Wilson Drive Street Reconstruction Project Planning

Please see our project page for information about Wilson Drive construction, schedules and traffic staging.

The final concept design,  approved by the Village Board on November 13, 2017, includes: 

  • Fully reconstructed road surface with a single driving lane in each direction
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings at Olive Street, Ardmore Avenue, Congress Street, Kensington Boulevard and Glendale Avenue
  • Bike lanes
  • Bus pullouts
  • Enhanced Oak Leaf Trail/Estabrook Park connections at Olive Street and Kensington Boulevard
  • Enhanced stormwater features including biofiltration basins along the west curb line and a biofiltration median from Olive Street to Alpine Avenue
  • Additional trees and landscaping on west side of Wilson Drive
  • New street lighting

The estimated cost of the approved design concept was $2,971,535.80. The project will be funded through a number of sources including general obligation borrowing, sewer utility revenue, MMSD Green Solutions grant funding and WisDOT Local Road Improvement Funding.

Bioswale example

Bio-median w-native seed or sod (5)
plan overview sheet
video screen still

Experience the proposed Wilson Drive corridor reconstruction!

Click the video still at right for a virtual drive through.

PIM 2 postcard front
gateway photo

Wilson Drive Corridor Transit, Landscape and Stormwater Enhancements

At its August 14 meeting, the Public Works Committee reviewed scenarios and options for enhancements to the roadway corridor. 

Bus Pullout Strip Map

Landscape Master Plan Imagery

Preliminary Landscape Design

Green Infrastructure Table

Village Board Moves Forward with Hybrid/Greenway Road Design

On July 10th the Village Board unanimously voted to memorialize their commitment to conserve the west side of Wilson Drive, eliminating  options for future commercial or residential development.   And after nearly four hours of public input and discussion, they voted to instruct the engineers to further designs on the hybrid/greenway alternative that shows a 41 foot road width with boulevards on each end. The engineers shall further review parking needs surrounding the businesses; evaluate adding southbound bus pullouts; further evaluate large emergency vehicle access; and, incorporate pedestrian islands at each intersection.   Once those are complete, a second Public Information Meeting will be scheduled in September  to reveal 60% plans.
Road Section Hybrid Greenway Alternative 07-10-2017

June 29, 2017 Public Information Meeting

 Presentation Link     Display Board Link    Meeting FAQ link

Thursday June 29, 2017 GRAEF engineering firm presented information on road design best practices, a traffic study they conducted, and two alternatives that address the Wilson Drive Task Force concerns, interests and priorities. Each alternative meets road, bike, and pedestrian safety best practices and addresses the task force priorities.  

Public Comments Received after June 29, 2017 Public Meeting

Many thanks to all who submitted comments after the public meeting on June 29th, 2017.  All comments were provided to the Village Board July 7th and are available here. 


Traffic Video Link from Existing Traffic Counts, April 2017  click through message and view through Media Player. It takes a moment to load.

Previous Activity

The simulation represents operations during the PM peak hour. The 30 southbound lefts at Congress are for the entire peak hour from 5:00-6:00 PM for the design year. The simulation moves to Congress at about 45 seconds into the video, during the next minute, there is only 1 car that turns left at Congress, which would appear to be correct as 30 cars per hour would represents 1 car every 2 minutes.

The Wilson Drive Task Force presented their work to the Village Board January 3, 2017. Thereafter, the Village Board approved a contract with Graef to provide design and engineering services for the 2018 road reconstruction.  An Open House is scheduled Thursday June 29, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Center. The consultant will give a brief presentation at 6:15 p.m. and will have stations set up for discussion after.  We encourage the community to stop by and let us know what you think.

While all of the meeting materials are provided in the right hand column below the pictures, some key materials generated over the past year are provided separately for easier access.

Conceptual Road Designs Report, November 2016

The completed consultants report that shows various road design scenarios is now available. The report provides a summary of the work groups concerns, interests and ideas, developed over a year with public input throughout and four road scenarios. It also provides funding opportunities and other helpful information. Take A Look.

Steering Committee Presentation, January 3, 2017

The Wilson Drive Steering Committee chairs presented a summary of the task force work over the past year.  The Village Board will see a presentation by the consultant on the road concept designs on January 17th. Click here to see the steering committee's presentation.

Open House Event a Success, June 2016

The June 15, 2016 Open House Event was a great success!. Thanks to all for coming out and sharing your ideas.  Over 140 comment sheets were submitted that night and each work group station was busy answering questions.  Public comments were transcribed -click Here to view.


In June 2015 the Village Board approved the creation of a Wilson Drive Community Task Force based on a framework presented by the Village Board Strategic Initiatives Committee. The task force will be charged with producing a product with specific recommendations that could be examined, tested, and illuminated through alternative design scenarios.

Village Board Presentation July 11, 2016

Trustee Paul Zovic, who chairs the Strategic Initiatives Committee, gave a presentation reviewing the task force framework, status, and summary of public input to date. Click here to view the presentation.  

Task Force Organization

The Wilson Drive Task Force will consist of one Steering Committee and four Work Groups. The Steering Committee has 13 members, 7 appointed from the community at-large, 4 from Shorewood citizen committees and 2 Village Board members. Each Work Group has 6 members from the community at-large. Read more...



December 10, 2015 meeting materials: contains Task Force organization; broad timeline; Wilson Drive Background narrative; 2010 presentation to Village Board.
Wilson Drive Interim Report: Studio 1032 Architecture, 6/7/2010
Current Street Section
January 6, 2016 meeting materials: Task Force Action plan, draft Roadway AADTC and classification.
Roadway Data and Information
January 20, 2016 meeting materials: contains Strategic Briefings; Action Plan; subcommittee notes, rules & resources
February 10, 2016 meeting materials; Work Group expectations; draft Communication Plan v1
February 24, 2016 meeting materials. Communication Plan v2
March 9, 2016 meeting materials. Work Group 2/24/16 meeting notes
March 23, 2016 meeting materials. Agenda and 3/9/16 draft minutes
April 13, 2016 meeting materials. Citizen Engagement Tool discussed; work group notes/deliverables draft.
April 27, 2016 meeting materials contains open house suggested format, instructions how to use bubble diagram, cost of advertising June open house event, stakeholder list and potential guest speaker list.
April 27, 2016 Work Group Notes Combined. Each work group reviewed a bubble diagram of Wilson Drive, discussing ideas and concerns.  Over 75 people participated in the meeting.
May 11, 2016 meeting materials contains information on posters and format of the June 15th scheduled open house event. There's also a proposed scope of services for a traffic study that will be discussed.
June 8, 2016 meeting materials contains an updated stakeholder communication status, redistributed traffic study scope, public comment summary.
July 27, 2016 meeting materials contains a list of concerns and interests from the work groups, public comments from the open house and all other written public comments and activity summary for next two months.
August 10, 2016 meeting materials contains a priority list of concerns and interests and work group notes from the July 27 meeting.
September 14, 2016 meeting minutes
September 14, 2016 meeting materials
November 30, 2016 meeting materials, contains 4 road scenario concepts presented by design consultant. AUDIO RECORDING LINK
Environmental Work Group Draft Report, September 2016
December 14, 2016 meeting materials, contains design amenities and a memo from the Conservation Committee.
February 15, 2017 meeting notes.  This was the last official meeting of the steering committee. They discussed the consultants draft report.

Task Force Members

Work Group   
Work Group
Parks/Rec Chair Ellen Eckman, Steering Committee, Park Rep.
Parks &  Recreation        
Development Chair Eric Couto, Steering Committee
Tim Vander Mel, Steering Committee, Parks/Rec Rep.
Parks & Recreation
Tr. Mike Maher, Steering Committee (as of May 2016)
Steve Kavalauskas, Co-Chair Steering Committee
Parks & Recreation
Therese Klein, Steering Committee
Brook Meier Parks & Recreation
Elizabeth Beeghly Development
Kurt Koenig
Parks & Recreation
Sam Essak
Vicki Herman
Parks & Recreation
Stephen McCarthy
Kathryn Kamm Parks & Recreation
Joshua Pollack
Kathy Herbst
Parks & Recreation
Adrienne Houck
Gregg Davis
Parks & Recreation
Lois Wesener
Traffic/Safe Chair Joe Teglia, Steering Committee
Traffic & Safety
Mark Keane
Tom Kuhlmann, Steering Committee, Ped Safe Rep.
Traffic & Safety
Environmental Chair Donna Pollack, Steering Committee, Conservation Rep
Tr. Davida Amenta, Steering Committee
Traffic & Safety
Nathan Hemming, Steering Committee
Rob Dilgard
Traffic & Safety
Henk Joubert, Co-Chair Steering Committee
Alexander Dykhne
Traffic & Safety
Peter Sheehan
Jennifer Cooney Vulpas
Traffic & Safety
John Berges
Katherine McDonnel
Traffic & Safety
Bonnie Pedraza
David Drews
Traffic & Safety
Lou Maris
Tyler Zwagerman
Traffic & Safety
Michael Skauge
    Elizabeth Muslin

Volunteer Process

Volunteer applications were due October 9, 2015 with postcards  mailed to 6,898 households. The Village Board Strategic Initiatives Committee interviewed for the Steering Committee and the Village Board appointed members.


Learn the background about Wilson Drive and past discussions over the past 10 years.