2020 Road Reconstruction Program

The following streets segments are proposed for reconstruction in 2020:

  • 4000 to 4300 blocks of North Larkin Street
  • 4200 to 4400 blocks of North Newhall Street
  • 1300 to 1400 blocks of East Lawnwood Court
  • 1500 to 1700 blocks of East Marion Street
  • 1600 to 1700 blocks of East Olive Street

The scope of work includes:

  • Street/Roadway – complete reconstruction of all street sections in the program area, including new concrete curb and gutter and full depth asphalt roadway.
  • Street lighting – the program includes the installation of approximately 7,700 lineal feet of electrical conduit with 23,100 LF of wiring.
  • Water – replacement of approximately 665 lineal feet of watermain, 11 gate valves and 14 service connections in the 4200 block of N. Newhall Avenue.
  • Additional enhancements include updated signage, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps at all intersections and the removal and replacement of 37 ash trees per the adopted 2014 policy.

A contract for the work has been awarded to Stark Asphalt Pavement Corporation.

Project Communications

Photo by Howard Berliant 2016

rough grade

Ash Tree Replacement Program

Shorewood began an ash tree treatment program in 2010, utilizing a trunk-injected compound that has been shown to have 99% EAB control.  Each year, DPW forestry staff identifies 200-300 of the Village’s largest ash trees for treatment, which is needed every 2-3 years.  Since 2014, Shorewood’s fight against EAB has also included the removal and replacement of selected ash trees in conjunction with major infrastructure improvement projects like the 2020 Road Reconstruction Program.

The policy adopted by the Village Board as part of its EAB readiness program calls for the removal of any ash tree in a construction project area that is in fair or poor condition, as well as the removal of all European and green ash with a diameter at breast height of 24” or less.  In addition, trees that are unlikely to survive following disturbance from construction activities will also be removed.

If the ash adjacent to your property has been identified for replacement you will receive a notification.  Please view the Ash Tree Replacement Program FAQ.

Adult Emerald Ash Borer
road work ahead

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Weekly Status Report #1     April 17, 2020
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Weekly Status Report #12    July 2, 2020
Weekly Status Report #13    July 10, 2020
Weekly Status Report #14    July 17, 2020
Weekly Status Report #15    July 24, 2020

Street Reconstruction 2018

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Lead Service Line Replacement

As in recent programs, the Village will automatically replace the municipally-owned portion of the water service with copper; an alternate bid on the project will allow interested residents, at their cost, to also replace the private portion of the lead service with copper. The estimated cost of the private lead service line replacement is $7,300.00 ($102,200/14 services).  The Board will be asked to confirm the financing terms of this work as a separate agenda item at the February 17 meeting.

Eligible homeowners will be contacted with program information following the Board’s February 17 action.  Program information can also be found on our Lead Service Replacement Program webpage.