2018 Lake Drive Resurfacing Program

The Lake Drive Resurfacing Project start date has been postponed to September 17, weather permitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the traffic lanes begin reduced?
Yes, in separate actions on January 22, 2018 and April 16, 2018 the Shorewood Village Board approved the reduction of through traffic lanes from four to two.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has reviewed and agreed to this change.

How does the approved lane reduction change Lake Drive?
The dashed white lines dividing the center and curb lanes will become a solid line.  This is referred to as an edge line and will allocate a total of 11 feet on each side of the street for shared parking and bicycle space.  This lane configuration will be comparable to the configuration in Whitefish Bay along Lake Drive.  There will not be painted bicycle sharrow symbols in the shared lane.

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Lake Drive