1. Resolution 2021-01 Designating an Alternative Location for In Person Voting
  2. Resolution 2021-02 Amending Fees within the Village Fee Schedule Relative to Occupancy Permits
  3. Resolution 2021-03 Combing Wards 1 - 4 and 5 - 8 to vote at the Village Center in 2021
  4. Resolution 2021-04 Regarding International Migratory Bird Day
  5. Resolution 2021-05 Suspending Outdoor Seating and Parklet Special Privilege Application and Monthly
  6. Resolution 2021-06 Reducing 2021 Renewal Fees for Class B Liquor and Beer and Class C Wine
  7. Resolution 2021-07 Amending Fees for Tax Incremental Finance District
  8. Resolution 2021-07A Approving Budget for Large Apparatus Equipment for 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025
  9. Resolution 2021-08 Approving TID Affordable Housing Extension for VOS TID1
  10. Resolution 2021-09 Recommending the Adoption of the Village of Shoreood Comprehensive Plan 2040
  11. Resolution 2021-10 Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditure from Proceeds of Borrowing
  12. Resolution 2021-11 Appreciation for Ann Christiansen
  13. Resolution 2021-12 Related to the Replacement of Sidewalks and Carriage Walks in 2021
  14. Resolution 2021-13 Regarding WDNR NR 208 2020 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report
  15. Resolution 2021-14 Amending Shorewoods Comprehensive Marketing and Communication Program
  16. Resolution 2021-15 Authorizating General Obligation Bonds in an amount no to exceed of 2,610,000 for Water System Projects
  17. Resolution 2021-16 Providing for the Sale of not to exceed 2,610,000 General Obligation Water Project Bonds, Series 2021A
  18. Resolution 2021-17 Amending Fees within the Village Fee Schedule
  19. Resolution 2021-19 Amending the Village Fee Schedule
  20. Resolution 2021-20 Establishing the Method of Public Fire Protection Charges for the Water Utility
  21. Resolution 2021-21 Awarding the Sale of 2,585,000 General Obligation Water Project Bonds Series 2021
  22. Resolution 2021-22 Encouraging Adherence to CDC Guidelines Concerning the Use of Face Covering
  23. Resolution 2021-23 Authorizing an Exception to the Levy Limits for Charges for the NSFD Pursuant to 2005 Wisconsin Act 484
  24. Resolution 2021-24 Adopting a Framework for the Village of Shorewood to Achieve Racial Equity Within Milwaukee County
  25. Resolution 2021-25 Adopting the 2022 Budget and Authorizing 2021 General Property Tax Levy
  26. Resolution 2021-26 Authorizing the Carry Forward of Allowable Prior Year Unused Levy Capacity
  27. Resolution 2021-27 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Water and Sewer Bills
  28. Resolution 2021-28 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Snow Removal Charges
  29. Resolution 2021-29 Authoring Special Assessment for Cost of Replacement of Sidewalks, Carriage Walks, Driveway Approaches, Streets, and Alleys
  30. Resolution 2021-30 Authorizing Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Special Refuse Collections and Disposals
  31. Resolution 2021-31 Authorizing Assessments to be Levied for Deliquent Grass Cutting Charges
  32. Resolution 2021-32 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Private Alarm Systems Charges
  33. Resolution 2021-33 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Inspections or Re-inspection Fees
  34. Resolution 2021-34 Authorizing a Special Assessment for the Cost of Replacement of Private Lead Service Laterals
  35. Resolution 2021-35 Approving the Shorewood Business Improvement District 2022 Operating Plan and the 2021 Special Assessment Levy
  36. Resolution 2021-36 Dividing and Designating Election Wards
  37. Resolution 2021-37 Terminating Tax Incremental District (TID) No. 1