2025 Lake Drive (Wis 32) Construction

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has scheduled a pavement replacement project for the portion of Lake Drive (STH 32) within the Village of Shorewood (E. Edgewood Avenue to N. Kensington Boulevard) in 2026.

The project planning process started in 2020. Following a spring 2021 public information meeting, community survey and public comment, WisDOT issued a July 2021 letter removing roadway widening from consideration.

Findings of a parking study performed by the consulting engineer were presented to the Village Board on April 18, 2022 (video link approximate 1:14:45).

The Village of Shorewood has conducted a Green Infrastructure Evaluation and Alternatives Analysis of the project corridor.

A presentation given by WisDOT representatives to the Shorewood Village Board of Trustees on November 7, 2022 can be viewed here.

wisdot 11072022 presentation cover

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