Who is Required to Disconnect?

Owners of residential properties with four (4) units or less which are located in the combined sewer service area (map) may be required to disconnect their downspouts.

Are all downspouts required to be disconnected?

No. Downspouts must meet the following criteria in order to be properly disconnected (Ordinance 3025 amending Village Code chapters 225-6 and 415-18):

  • have sufficient space available to locate the discharge point at least five (5) feet away from basement or foundation walls and property line(s)
  • pervious surface available at the discharge point
  • the discharge location is level or slopes away from the structure but not so steep it would cause erosion
  • the discharge will not create ice on pedestrian walkways or otherwise create a nuisance for adjoining properties

How do I know if my downspouts are required to be disconnect?

Following a site evaluation, a disconnection notice will be issued by the Village's Plumbing Inspector. Project implementation will be phased and notices will be issued based on the timeline outlined in the DDP plan.