Alternate Water Meter Transmission Unit Placement

The Village of Shorewood’s 2021 Water Meter Replacement Program will include the use of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) reading system.  The use of AMI technology will allow safe, secure and effective two-way communication and proactive customer service while improving system reliability and operating efficiency.  

AMI technology uses radio frequency (RF) to transmit meter readings from a water Meter Transmission Unit (MTU), a small device connected to the water meter.  The Village of Shorewood/Shorewood Water Utility has adopted advanced meters as standard equipment for customers. A non-standard equipment option is available for residential customers as addressed in this policy.

Non-Standard Equipment Option

The standard location for the MTU is on a floor joist directly above the water meter. A one-time, non-standard meter installation charge of $45.00 will be billed to customers who choose to have the MTU installed at a location on the exterior of the residence.  This charge reflects the additional average cost for placement of the MTU on the exterior of the building at a location determined by the Utility.

 Eligibility Requirement for Non-Standard Equipment

  • Available to residential customers only.
  • Non-property owners (tenants) who desire non-standard installation must obtain signed permission from property owner.
  • The non-standard customer is responsible for providing and maintaining access to the Shorewood Water Utility and its contractors for the purpose of meter installation, maintenance and reading.  
  • A signed Alternate Placement (Opt-Out) Program Form is required.