2022 Alley Reconstruction Program

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Shorewood's 2022 Alley Reconstruction project will include the reconstruction of 11 alleys in various locations across the Village. 

The Shorewood Village Board awarded a contract to LaLonde Contractors Inc. Construction is anticipated to begin in April.

The schedule below has been provided by the contractor and is subject to change. Prior to the start of construction in a particular alley, adjacent residents will be notified via a hand-delivered notice to the property front door.

Alley GroupEstimated Construction StartEstimated Working Days
Group A: Alleys 1 & 2Mid-April40 days
Group B: Alley 3Mid-June35 days
Group C: Alleys 4, 8 & 9August35 days
Group D: Alley 6September20 days
Group E: Alleys 11, 12 13 & 14October30 days

Weekly Construction Status Reports

April 29,  2022
May 6, 2022
May 13, 2022

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Green Alleys

The design incorporates a green infrastructure feature in various alleys within the separated sewer system. The Village intends to use the MMSD Green Solutions grant program to fund these enhancements.

Green Alley Benefits
The installation of porous pavement improves local drainage and provides significant water quality benefits. Estimated reductions include:

  • 30% runoff reduction
  • 75% reduction in Total Suspended Solids
  • 55% in Total Phosphorous
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