Is my service made of lead? Is my water safe?

service line dashboard graphic

The majority of the homes in Shorewood were constructed in an era when lead was the material of choice for water lines and plumbing components. Based upon current records, It is estimated that nearly 70% of the homes in Shorewood have lead water services.

The Environmental Protection Agency's 2021 Lead and Copper Rule Revision includes requirements for water systems to make their information publicly accessible by October 16, 2024. 

Residents can access service line material data through the Lead Service Line Dashboard. The Shorewood Water Utility has compiled the best available data at this time. Records will be continually updated as new or additional information is received.

Is my water safe?

The Shorewood Water Utility performs regular lead testing as required by current regulations. To date, no test results have indicated lead levels which exceed the current federal action level of 15 ppb (parts per billion).

Lead is NOT found in our source water, Lake Michigan, and it is NOT found in our treated drinking water. None of Shorewood's water mains are made of lead. Lead exposure from drinking water occurs when water has prolonged contact with lead materials or components which may be present in water service lines or home plumbing. 

Shorewood's water is supplied by Milwaukee Water Works which treats the water with a compound that forms a protective coating inside pipes to control lead dissolving into the water.

Lead testing kits can be requested through the North Shore Health Department, (414) 371-2980 or directly through the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene. Please visit their webpage for more information. There is a $32 fee associated with the lead testing kit.

In compliance with EPA and WDNR requirements, the Shorewood Water Utility annually publishes a Consumer Confidence Report to help consumers understand where their drinking water comes from. View the most recent report here.