Shorewood Today Magazine Production and Design Services

The Shorewood Today magazine is a publication that communicates news, events and featured articles about people, organizations, and businesses in the Shorewood community. This proposal is inquiring about production and design services for the magazine.

Project Background The Shorewood Today magazine has been a pivotal Shorewood communication tool since 2008. The magazine was created to not only help educate current community members about news and events, but it was also created as a marketing tool for others to experience Shorewood. Five public community partners (Village of Shorewood, Shorewood Community Development Authority, Shorewood School District, Shorewood Business Improvement District, and the Shorewood Foundation) collaborate with the selected contractor in producing and designing the magazine. Content is divided up equally among the Village of Shorewood, the Shorewood School District, the Shorewood Business Improvement District, and Shorewood Foundation. The Community Development Authority will propose content when timing is appropriate. An Editorial Board consisting of the contractor, subcontractors, and a representative from each community partner will meet prior to the start of coordinating a magazine to reflect on the most recent issue and brainstorm ways to improve the next issue. The quarterly magazine is mailed to all Shorewood residents and some additional copies are available in public buildings and local businesses. Normally an issue ranges from 36 to 44 pages in length. Past publications have been funded almost primarily through advertising revenue. However, the community partners have agreed to subsidize past magazines for nominal costs. The Village’s Purchasing Policy requires the Village to perform an RFP regularly in order to reflect on its services and assure pricing and costs for services are competitive. Estimated Timeline The below schedule for review by the Village is subject to change. The Village does not anticipate the need to conduct interviews for this RFP process unless the meeting is requested by the interested contractor; however, should staff determine there is a need, firms will be notified. The Village will not be legally obligated to adhere to the dates for interviews, recommendations, and award. Interviews will be with staff and members and the Board chairperson of the recommending Board Committee.

RFP document