Application Process

Permit Application Process
All businesses require a Certificate of Occupancy issued through the Village Planning & Development Department before they can open to the public. The process of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy typically involves an inspection by the Commercial Building Inspector. If no violations are found, a certificate is issued.  If non-life safety violations are found, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is issued, to allow businesses to open. For new businesses involving large renovations, an Occupancy Application through the North Shore Fire Department is also required, found at North Shore Fire website.

The village application fee is $125 with a $500 deposit that is refundable once a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. A floor plan is required along with the application.  If it is a food establishment, a copy of the menu is required.

To determine if any special licenses are necessary to operate your business, you may contact the Village Clerk’s Office or view a list of list of the applications, forms, permits, and licenses. Typically licenses include beer, wine, alcohol, and tobacco.

Plans Review
All commercial occupancies must comply with the State Commerce Building Code for new occupancy and new buildings. The village is authorized to approve small commercial plans. As a general reference:
  • If a building is less than 25,000 cubic feet, plans need not be reviewed by an architect.
  • If a building is between 25,000 - 50,000 cubic feet, all plans must be reviewed by an architect.
  • If a building is greater than 50,000 cubic feet, plans must be approved by the state.