Zoning Considerations

Zoning Amendments

Petitions for Zoning Amendments are considered for recommendation by the Plan Commission and approved by the Village Board. The zoning of a property may be petitioned for amendment from the property owner, developer or staff. Zoning Amendments require two Plan Commission meetings and a public hearing in front of the Village Board.

Under Wisconsin State Statute 62.23(7)(d)(4) the Village maintains a list of persons who wish to receive notice of any proposed zoning actions that may be taken that affect the allowable use of their property.

If you wish to receive notice of these types of actions please make your request by email or written notice to the Planning & Development Department and indicate your desired method of notification (electronic or written).

Conditional Use Permits

Conditional Use Permits are considered by the Plan Commission. Zoning regulations define what types of uses are permitted, prohibited, or are by condition, whether the use is in a residential or commercial district. If a use is "by condition," a Conditional Use Permit is required. The Plan Commission meets the 4th Tuesday of each month as needed.

Appeals, Variances & Special Exceptions

Appeals, variances, and special exceptions are considered by the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board. It hears matters related to zoning and is also empowered to consider, under the local Village Code, appeals stemming from any administrative decision by a village employee or official. Appeals may also be made from any decision of some village committees, commissions, or boards.

The Board of Appeals grants area variances and special exceptions. Area variances provide an increment of relief from a physical dimensional restriction such as a building height or setback. Use variances are not allowed. A special exception may be granted for improvements made to a nonconforming structure. The Board of Appeals meets the second Tuesday of each month as needed.

Download and fill out the Board of Appeals Application and Guidelines. Applications are due the second to last Wednesday the month prior.

Special Exceptions for Parking

Special Exceptions for parking are considered by the Plan Commission. There are 3 parking scenarios that the Plan Commission considers as Special Exceptions:

  1. For every new development, whether residential or commercial, parking requirements are applied that are established in Zoning Chapter 535. If the parking requirements cannot be met, the developer has the option of requesting a special exception from the Plan Commission.
  2. Special Exceptions are also applied to new businesses if the capacity of the proposed business is greater than the businesses that traditionally occupied the space.
  3. Lastly, parking of vehicles is prohibited in the front yard unless it's in an approved driveway, in which case, the property owner may request an exception from the Plan Commission. The Plan Commission meets the 4th Tuesday of each month as needed.

Special Privilege Permits for Permanent Improvements in the Public Way

Special Privilege Permits are considered by the Village Board. A Special Privilege Permit is a way for property owners to temporarily or permanently place items in the public way, such as a retaining wall, stone carriage walk or plantings. A Certificate of Liability is required, naming the Village, for the entire time an object is on public property. The Village Board approves Special Privilege Permit applications. Applications are due the Tuesday before the scheduled Village Board meeting.