Setbacks & Right-of-Ways


Setbacks are established within the Village of Shorewood Zoning Code. Setbacks require a building or an improvement to be set back a certain number of feet from the property line, street, curb, or other established boundary. Overhangs are not included unless they exceed 18 inches.

All Shorewood residential properties have setback requirements which vary by each zoning district. Setbacks are further identified for a property's front, side and rear boundaries. Check with the Planning & Development Department before erecting any permanent structures to find out where your setback begins and what permits may be required.

Public Right-of-Ways

A public right-of-way is a pathway or road with a specific description that is dedicated to a public use and is considered a form of easement typically dedicated to a municipality during subdivision. For most Shorewood properties, the public right-of-way typically begins several feet within the sidewalk edge toward the interior of the property. Permanent structures, including retaining walls and landscape beds, may not be placed within public right-of-ways unless a Special Privilege Permit (PDF) has been approved by the Village Board. Permits may be submitted to the Planning & Development Department.