Operation Identification

Driver's License Identification

This is a program supported by most police agencies, including the Shorewood Police Department. We recommend that you engrave your driver's license, not your social security number, on televisions, stereos, computers, and small electronic appliances. This is so your property can be easily identified if it is recovered or abandoned someplace.

Photograph Your Valuables

It is also recommended that you photograph your valuables in their locations around your home and make a list of the make, model, and serial numbers. This is very important for proof when filing insurance claims. You should keep this list in a safety deposit box or with a relative for safe keeping. Keep receipts of the larger items in case you need to prove the value of the items for insurance purposes. You should also photocopy important documents and the contents of your wallet. You will be thankful that you took these steps in case your home is ever destroyed by fire or flood, is ransacked, or if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Identification Recap

  • Identify your valuables by engraving your driver's license number
  • Photograph and record the serial numbers of all valuables
  • Photocopy the contents of your wallet and other documents
  • Store the copies in a safe deposit box or with a relative