Sidewalk Program

There are approximately 60 miles of public sidewalk pavement within the Village of Shorewood. To ensure these walks remain in good condition, the Department of Public Works administers a biennial sidewalk replacement program in each of five defined areas of the Village on a rotating cycle. All public sidewalks and carriage walks in the target area are reviewed and defective areas (PDF) are identified for removal and replacement.

Per Village policy, public walk replacement is assessed to the adjacent private property owner at 100% of the cost (on a corner lot the secondary frontage is assessed at 50%).

The Village's sidewalk replacement program is contracted every other year in odd calendar years. Please see the map (PDF) illustrating the 2015 to 2023 sidewalk program areas.

Biennial Program

Notices of Assessment are mailed to affected property owners in the spring of the planned replacement year. In addition to the Notice of Assessment (sample copy (PDF) for viewing), the mailing will include a copy of the Village's Concrete Replacement Criteria (PDF) and a Sidewalk Replacement Project Frequently Asked Questions sheet (PDF).

Residents or property owners with questions regarding the program or assessments may contact the Department of Public Works at 414-847-2650.

Please see below for example documents included in July 3 Estimated Notice of Assessment mailing:

Sidewalk in Good Condition

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