Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is divided into 3 shifts offering round-the-clock police protection in Shorewood. Currently, there is one captain who is responsible for the supervision, evaluation, and discipline of personnel. Shift sergeants report directly to the captain. The sergeants are the 1st line supervisors of the patrol officers on their respective shifts.

Uniformed Patrol Officers

The uniformed patrol officers are the backbone of the entire department. It is their job to provide all aspects of police services to the community including taking calls for service and complaints, conducting criminal investigations, providing traffic enforcement and accident investigations, as well as patrolling the community to protect life and property and preserving peace and order.

Community Service Officers

Community service officers are non-sworn personnel who are responsible for enforcing parking regulations and other community assistance duties.

Patrol & Squad Cars

Shorewood Police patrol village streets, alleys, and parks in marked and unmarked cars, bicycles, and on foot. Squad cars are equipped with mobile data computers which allow officers to access vehicle registration and driver's license information, the Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau, and the National Crime Information Center records, as well as in-house and dispatch records.