Forestry Programs

Urban Forest Maintenance Activities

Pruning is normally completed during the months of February and March when the trees are dormant. Crews have developed a rotating schedule which ensures all street trees will be pruned at least every 8th year. This street tree pruning is necessary to both clear the way for pedestrians on the sidewalks and to protect the trees from vehicular damage. Forestry staff attempts to prune 1,100 to 1,400 trees each year.

Tree inspection activities occur in mid-summer when all trees are examined for diseases or other issues. Street trees with health or other problems are marked for removal. The upper branches and limbs of these trees are removed in early fall, prior to leaf collection season. The trunks and stumps are removed in early spring and new trees of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in size are planted in late spring. Shorewood forestry crews remove and replace 100 trees in an average year.

Park Maintenance

The Forestry Department also maintains all of the planted areas of the village, including the lake bluff in Atwater Park, planting pots in the Central District, and the annual and perennial flower beds throughout Shorewood. Forestry crews also prepare the parks for a variety of village and Business Improvement District functions including the Memorial Day celebration, the Men’s Club Chicken Barbeque, the July 4th celebration and fireworks, and the Shorewood Criterium.