Sewer Utility

The mission of the Shorewood Sewer Utility is to protect the health, safety, and environment of the Village of Shorewood through the cost-effective and efficient collection and conveyance of waste water in accordance with applicable law.

The Shorewood Sewer Utility operates and maintains a sewer collection system which consists of 158,400 linear feet of sanitary and combined sewers.

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Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage System

The Village is served by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage System (MMSD) through 5 Metropolitan Interceptor System (MIS) connections, 3 connections directly via the Village of Shorewood sewers, 1 connection to the MIS via the Village of Whitefish Bay and 1 connection to the MIS via City of Milwaukee sewers. The Shorewood Sewer Utility serves approximately 13,700 residents and the businesses within the Village of Shorewood.

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System Infrastructure Improvements

For information on current and planned sewer improvement programs or Shorewood's PPII reduction private lateral rehabilitation program, please view the Construction and Infrastructure Management section of the website.

Sewer Lateral Maintenance

The Village of Shorewood requests the cooperation of residents and property owners regarding the cleaning of private sewer laterals. This cleaning process will often remove a blockage from the private sewer but move the debris to the public sewer creating the potential for a blockage there. For this reason, it is very important that the village be notified whenever any lateral cleaning or repair has been performed so that the public sewers can be examined and cleaned, if necessary. Please contact the Department of Public Works at 414-847-2650 as soon as possible after performing any sewer lateral work.

Downspout Disconnection Programs

The Village of Shorewood requires a permit for the disconnection of residential downspouts. Access information on downspout disconnection or rain barrels.

Camel Sewer Vac and Jetter Truck
MMSD: Partners for a Cleaner Environment

Capacity Assurance, Management, Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) Plan

The Village of Shorewood has recently completed a comprehensive collection system program, referred to as a CMOM Plan. The primary objectives of a CMOM program are:

  • Ensure that communities have adequate wastewater collection capacity.
  • Improve the operation and performance of a municipal sanitary sewer collection system.
  • Evaluate areas of excessive inflow of precipitation or groundwater into the system.
  • Conduct maintenance and repairs needed to prevent problems.
  • Reduce the frequency and occurrence of sewer overflows and basement backups.
  • Provide more effective public notification when overflows do occur.

View the Village of Shorewood CMOM Plan for more information (PDF).