Green Leaf Award Program

The Green Leaf Award was developed by the Village of Shorewood Conservation Committee to encourage local businesses to take concrete steps toward a more sustainable way of operating their business. Greening your business helps attract new customers, develop a loyal customer base and create a healthier work environment for employees. Businesses can also improve their bottom line and consumers receive more environmentally responsible product and service options.

How the Program Works

Volunteers collaborate with business owners and managers to conduct green business assessments. Topics covered in the assessment include:

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Waste reduction
  • Water and air quality
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Building and remodeling
Green Leaf Award

When a Shorewood business meets specified criteria, it receives a Green Leaf Award. A Green Leaf decal is available for posting on a storefront window, and notice of the award can be posted online on a business website.

How to Participate

Any building owner who rents to businesses in Shorewood, and any business who rents space in Shorewood for their business is eligible to participate. Applicants must meet all prerequisites and at least 10 strategies from the Green Leaf Award Checklist (PDF). The checklist was designed to accommodate as many situations as possible in order to address the diverse types of buildings and businesses within the village (some strategies on the checklist may or may not apply to a particular business or building).

Additional Information

If your business is serious about instituting or incorporating more green practices into your business or if you are interested in becoming an environmentally sustainable business assessment volunteer, email Assistant Village Manager Tyler Burkart with the Village of Shorewood, or call 414-847-2705. He will link you up with a Green Leaf Award volunteer to answer your questions and to set up a meeting to begin the process.

Think green for your businesses. We all can promote a greener Shorewood and make a difference.

Green Leaf Award Winners