Plumbing Solutions for Property Owners

Many residents have asked about plumbing solutions and other information for preventing flooding and sewer backup within their homes and businesses. Village inspectors, along with master plumbers from Mid-City Plumbing and Heating, have been working to organize a public workshop and additional information referenced below. For more information on these items, contact the Planning and Development Department.

Preventative Solutions for the Building Owner

Mid City Plumbing and Heating Inc. prepared information for the residents and business owners, including a presentation which covers general information about sewers and flooding, solutions to prevent flooding from surcharges, and more. View the presentation report (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners

A list of frequently asked questions and answers (PDF) have been developed by Thomas Zoulek, P.E. of Mid City Plumbing and Heating, Inc. and in coordination with the Village of Shorewood Planning and Development Department. View this document.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Tips for Protecting Your Home from Future Flooding

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) and FEMA are urging residents to take measures now to reduce future flood loss or damages.

Reference Books on Waterproofing Your Home

  • "Home Water and Moisture Problems" by Gary Branson. Many illustrations
  • "How to Operate Your Home" by Tom Feiza. Many illustrations
  • "The Original Basement Waterproofing Handbook" by Jack Masters
  • "How Your House Works" by Charlie Wing. Many illustrations
  • "The Manual of Below Grade Waterproofing Systems" by Justin Henshell