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  • Hydrant Flushing - Annual flushing begins Monday, September 17. Please see schedule (PDF). Flushing is done annually in an effort to clear the water mains of water that may be discolored or have sat in hydrant laterals for extended lengths of time. Generally, flushing disturbs the water in the mains and causes small particles of rust or calcium buildup to dislodge and suspend in the water. This water will show up in your household as discolored water and have a yellow to orange to red color. This water, while unappetizing, poses no health threats.
  • Safe Drinking Water Report (PDF) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires drinking water utilities to provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to help consumers understand the source of their drinking water. The most recent report (2018) can be accessed through the link above. Shorewood purchases its water from the Milwaukee Water Works. View the Milwaukee Water Works Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).
Hydrant Flushing Schedule (PDF)
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Lead & Drinking Water

Lead is not found in our source water, Lake Michigan, and it is not found in our treated drinking water.

Shorewood's water is supplied by Milwaukee Water Works which treats the water with a compound that forms a protective coating inside pipes to control lead dissolving into the water.

Structures built prior to 1951, including most of Shorewood's homes, likely have lead water service lines. When these lines stand unused for several hours, lead can leach from these lines into the water. For additional information on this topic, please see our Lead Service Replacement program page.

Some lead services will be replaced in 2019 as a part of this year's Woodburn Watermain Relay project

AWWA Lead Service Information Video

AWWA lead services video

Contact Information

Utility billing please call 414-847-2601. Utility service please call 414-847-2650.

Utility Maintenance
Water Utility personnel maintain the water distribution system and all of its connecting parts including meters, valves, hydrants, and laterals from the main to the curb stop.

Annual maintenance activities performed by Utility personnel include:

  • Closing and reopening all valves in the system to ensure that they are in good working order
  • Flushing all hydrants to maintain them in good working order and to clear any stagnant water from the system
  • Meter testing and replacement to maintain the meters and ensure their accuracy for proper billing
  • Performance of a leak detection survey to find and repair any small leaks that cause a loss of water
  • Repair and add valves to the system as needed

The Utility staff also performs emergency work including the repair of main breaks, broken valves, and leaking hydrants. Capital construction programs are scheduled (to the extent practical) to coincide with a major road reconstruction projects.

The Shorewood Water Works is a self-financing enterprise owned by the Village of Shorewood and regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Shorewood purchases water from the City of Milwaukee Water Works. Shorewood owns and maintains the water distribution system within its municipal boundaries.