Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The Shorewood Conservation Committee will:

  • Research relevant data and work with local environmental experts and organizations to get current reliable data on those environmental issues which affect the community of Shorewood.
  • Educate village government, businesses and residents of Shorewood on pertinent environmental issues and collaborate with them to implement new sustainable, healthy practices.
  • Advocate for new and updated policy / guidelines / codes to support best practices and solutions.

Vision Statement

The Shorewood Conservation Committee hopes to establish Shorewood as a showcase for organizing a green community. We have a unique population, well-educated, creative, and caring; a perfect mix for environmental leadership!

We plan to work with village governments, schools, businesses, local organizations, environmental groups, and concerned citizens to increase awareness of how our everyday living patterns affect the environment and to suggest ways to minimize the impact. We must learn to live in harmony with nature, and reduce our usage of toxic substances and of fossil fuels to make our footprints enhance rather than diminish the surface we walk on.

Our children will have to live on whatever kind of earth we leave them. When people think in those terms, they are more likely to get involved in finding solutions.