Collection Schedule

Recyclable materials are collected from one, two and three family residential units biweekly at the curb by Waste Management, Inc. under contract with the Village of Shorewood. Materials are collected on the same day as the regular refuse collection (please see map below). The Village is divided into two collection routes; to determine your collection day please first view the route map to determine your week and then click on the appropriate schedule at right. Major holidays which fall on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will delay collection by one day. Please view the full list of recyclable items (PDF) (Shorewood accepts plastics labeled 1 through 7).

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Recycling materials must be placed in approved 95-gallon carts. Carts must be placed at the curb or alley by 7 a.m. on collection day. Residents with alley access should place the cart adjacent to the alley at alley grade while residents with street access should place the cart on the parkway between the sidewalk and the curb adjacent to the driveway with the lid opening toward the street for rapid service.

Residents are asked to keep the carts clean. In the winter, the cart should be placed in an area that has been shoveled and cleared of snow. For safety reasons, carts placed on top of or frozen into snow banks cannot be collected.

Electronic Recycling

Beginning in 2010, the State of Wisconsin banned a wide array of consumer electronics from state landfills. Items including television sets, computers, VCR/DVD players, cell phones and other items must be recycled and cannot be collected with household refuse.

Shorewood residents may bring their electronic items to the Department of Public Works facility for recycling during Saturday dumping hours (please see above);fees apply.. See a Recyclable items list on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) website.

For additional information on electronic recycling, please visit the WDNR's e-Cycle Wisconsin site.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees will be collected curbside for composting by Department of Public Works crews. Collection will not be day certain, however, trees placed at the curb (no alleys please) will be picked up on a weekly basis as time and weather permit. Please remove all lights and decorations.

For additional recycling information and opportunities, visit the Conservation Committee page.