Annual PPII Lateral Rehabilitation

Shorewood's 2011 Comprehensive Facility Plan included a goal to reduce inflow and infiltration (I & I) in the separated sewer areas of the Village by 40% by 2021.  Lateral rehabilitation has been identified as a key strategy to achieve that goal.

A Private Property Lateral Rehabilitation Program and Schedule was developed based upon the results of flow monitoring in Basins 1 and 6, both of which have been designated by MMSD as under-performing sewersheds.  The schedule, illustrated at right, targets the block areas which have contributed higher-than-expected flows to the sanitary system during rainfall events during our evaluations. 

The Private Property Lateral Rehabilitation Program is currently 100% funded through the MMSD and Village of Shorewood. Laterals are rehabilitated (lined) at no out-of-pocket cost to property owners identified in a specified program year.

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Program Achievements to Date

257 private laterals - over 10,000 lineal feet of pipe - have been lined since 2012. For a list of property addresses please click here.

Pre-Lining video

pre video

Post-Lining video

post video still

2018 Program

The 2018 program includes wait list properties from the 2017 program (4000-4200 blocks of N. Larkin Street).  A contract is scheduled to be awarded by the Village Board at its June 18 meeting.  Construction is anticipated to begin later this summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information on how laterals may contribute to basement backups, please click the image.

basement connection

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Shorewood PPII Schedule 06.11.18
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I am so pleased the Village of Shorewood is proactively addressing Infiltration/Inflow of storm water into the sanitary system.  It was an easy decision to participate in the private property lateral lining program as I essentially got a “new sewer” to benefit both my property value and the Village's objectives of reducing I&I.  I was very satisfied that there was very little disruption to my yard and the Village was timely in restoration of areas disturbed during the work.

Robert Peschel
Property Owner N. Ardmore Ave