Why Shorewood? - A guide that shows why Shorewood is something special! 

What do you want in a community?

There's so much to consider when choosing a new place to live. Feeling comfortable in your new space is, obviously, a major factor. But when you move in, you’ll also become part of a community that will define your living experience in so many ways. Shorewood’s many unique and desirable attributes make it a true gem of a community. The Village was established in 1900 as the Village of East Milwaukee. The Village was renamed the Village of Shorewood in 1917 and covers a small geographical space, measuring only a mile by a mile-and-a-half. With just over 13,000 residents today, Shorewood is the densest community in the state. This urban village is walkable, bike-friendly and architecturally diverse. When you live here, you’re close to everything — the lake, the city of Milwaukee, a major university, a school district known and recognized for excellence, the businesses that have what you need, bike trails, parks — and friendly, well-educated neighbors who care deeply about their community and are quick to volunteer their time and talents to make Shorewood the best possible place to live, work, and raise a family and retire.

Shorewood Guardrail Sign with the Beach in the Background
Driving Distances to Shorewood

When you live here, you're close to everything!

Shorewood is uniquely located just north of a big city, and between a great lake and a major river. Shorewood’s scenic location along the lakeshore and convenience to downtown Milwaukee are among our most attractive assets. You can walk or bike anywhere in Shorewood or the surrounding area, and most times you can be downtown at work or enjoying dinner or a show in just minutes by car. Saving time on your commute means spending more time where you want to be.

Shorewood Map

Shorewood keeps in touch with the community

Shorewood knows that everyone likes to get updates and information about the community in a variety of ways. Therefore, the Village provides a variety of communications with the community including Shorewood Today magazine, a free quarterly lifestyle magazine, as well as Village communications through Facebook, Twitter, and several eNewsletters including: