Department Updates

Clerk/Customer Service

In August, we said goodbye to Diane and hello to many changes within the department. A new parking system, AIMS, went online. It features online monthly renewals, single overnight parking and options to pay citations through their site. Thanks to the Police Department and Mark for their help during this transition.

Teri and Ann will have their roles shifted slightly and be renamed Election & Licensing Clerks. A phone tree will be implemented so that residents can reach the department they are looking for faster and easier. And finally, the DPW team will be transforming the area behind the customer service desk to create a new, more usable workspace.


The ten Wi-Fi hotspots that were added to the collection early this year are perpetually checked out and often have a list of people waiting. The success of this non-traditional Library item has led to another device we're starting to loan to patrons: radon detection meters. You can check out a radon detection meter for three weeks to test radon levels in your home, which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US. The meters were donated by a Village resident that wants to make sure people have access to testing radon levels at home.

Buying books from the Friends book sale just got easier for patrons and staff this summer. Book sale items are now rung up in our Library cash register which is more efficient and streamlined for staff, better cash-handling practice and staff don't have to turn their back to customers during payment.

Planning & Development

Working through the Plan Commission, the Planning & Development Department is finalizing revisions to the Village's Off-Street Parking requirements. These revisions, which will require Board approval, were a suggestion from the Transportation and Parking Analysis. They also interplay with two potential redevelopment projects at E Capitol Dr/N Stowell Ave and at N Oakland Ave/E Lake Bluff Blvd. Both of those projects are expected to be brought to the Design Review Board for architectural improvements in the coming months. Up next for the Plan Commission is a zoning code update to develop form-based standards for the commercial corridors.

Administratively, the Planning & Development Department will be ramping up physical property file clean-up in anticipation of digitization. This project, which will require merging electronic records with files in both the department and basement dating back to the 1920's, will provide greater access to property owners as they search for records of prior improvements.

Police Department

The Shorewood Police Department has begun a process to establish an eligibility list for the position of Police Officer. Once the interviews of prospective candidates have been completed internally, the candidates will be presented to the Police Commission. Once the Police Commission completes their interviews, a list will be established.

A promotional process for the rank of Sergeant is also underway. Internal candidates were interviewed by an outside panel of police supervisors from other North Shore agencies, as well as by Shorewood Police command staff. Next, candidates will be interviewed by the Police Commission. Once those are completed, an eligibility list is established for this position as well.

In August, the Police Department transitioned to a new parking system called AIMS. The Front Office will be able to assist members of the public with questions and/or concerns regarding parking permits and parking citations. Also, the Front Office will be able to assist the public with purchasing parking permits via the online self-service portal.

Public Works

Summer in Shorewood is all about being constructive! In July, the Water Utility began replacing 1,000 feet of water main on Frederick Ave between Capitol Dr and Beverly Rd. Many homes along this water main chose to have their lead service lines replaced as part of this project, improving their water quality. 

In addition to the resurfacing of Oakland between Capitol and Edgewood, four other streets received new surfaces and seven Village alleys were reconstructed.

As part of our continuing first against Emerald Ash Borer, the Forestry team removed several ash trees this spring, pulled the stumps this summer and will plant new trees as the weather cools this fall. Adding more diverse species, to improve the variety of our urban forest is the kind of natural construction that will keep Shorewood beautiful as the summer draws to a close.

Senior Resource Center

This fall, the SRC will pivot back to Zoom programming. Faced with the virulent new COVID-19 delta strain, the SRC will unfortunately need to cancel in-person events and move most of our programming onto the Zoom platform. We are also reformatting our monthly luncheons to a "pick up" box lunch.

Regrettably, we've also had to cancel plans to bring back the popular One-to-One Tech Support program (please note: the SRC has a list of online classes and tech support geared to older adult learners. Feel free to connect with us if you know someone who could use it). We will continue to offer A Date with History and Bingo in person, albeit physically distanced with a mask requirement.

If there is any upside to be found in this pandemic, it is that it has reminded us we need to be flexible and bolster our outreach to the more vulnerable residents. We move into Autumn this year with everyone's health and safety foremost on our mind.

Updated 09/07/2021