1. Resolution 2018-37 Opposition of Removal of MCTS Route 14
  2. Resolution 2018-36 Adopting the Milwaukee County Hazard Mitigation Plan of the Village of Shorewood
  3. Resolution 2018-35 Amending Planning and Development Fees within the Village Fee Schedule
  4. Resolution 2018-34 Amending DPW Fees within the Village Fee Schedule
  5. Resolution 2018-33 Authorizing the Carry Forward of Allowable Prior Year Unused Levy Capacity
  6. Resolution 2018-32 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Re-Inspection Charge
  7. Resolution 2018-31 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Private Alarm System
  8. Resolution 2018-30 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Snow Removal Charges
  9. Resolution 2018-29 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Special Refuse Colle
  10. Resolution 2018-28 Authorizing a Special Assessment ot be Levied for Delinquent Grass Cutting Charge
  11. Resolution 2018-27 Authorizing a Special Assessment to be Levied for Delinquent Water and Sewer Bill
  12. Resolution 2018-26 Adopting the 2019 Budget and Authorizing the 2018 General Property Tax Levy Again
  13. Resolution 2018-25 Suspending the Village ofShorewood Neighborhood Improvement Loan Program
  14. Resolution 2018-24 Dividing and Designating Election Wards in the Village of Shorewood
  15. Resolution 2018-23 Approving the Shorewood BID 2019 Operating Plan and the 2018 Special Assessment L
  16. Resolution 2018-22 Approving the 2019 NSFD Fees for Service Schedule
  17. Resolution 2018-21 Authorizing an Exception to the Levy Limits for Charges for the NSFD Pusuant
  18. Resolution 2018-20 Approving the Single or Multi Year Capital Budget to Purchase a Water Tender
  19. Resolution 2018-19 Establishing Fee for Organics Collection Cart
  20. Resolution 2018-18 Approval of Voter Registration
  21. Resolution 2018-17 Urging State Legislation to Close Dark Store Tax Loopholes
  22. Res 2018-16 WDNR 2018 Urban Foresty Grant Application (PDF)
  23. Res 2018-15 Awarding teh Sale of 6,455,000 Gen Obligation Corp Purpose Bonds Series 2018A (PDF)
  24. Res 2018-14 Providing for the Sale of 6,455,000 General Obligation Corp Purpose Bonds Series (PDF)
  25. Res 2018-13 Initial Res Authorizing 850,000 General Obligation Bonds for Water System (PDF)
  26. Res 2018-12 Initial Res Authorizing 390,000 General Obligation Bonds for Sewer (PDF)
  27. Res 2018-11 Initial Res Authorizing 165,000 General Obligation Bonds for Fire Department (PDF)
  28. Res 2018-10 Initial Res Auth 110,000 General Obligation Bonds for Parks and Public Grounds (PDF)
  29. Res 2018-09 Initial Res Authorizing 880,000 General Obligatin Bonds for Police Facilities (PDF)
  30. Res 2018-08 Initial Res Authorizing 4,060,000 General Obligation Bonds for Street Improvement (PDF)
  31. Res 2018-07 Regarding the WDNR NR 208, 2017 Compliance Maintenance Annual Reprort (PDF)
  32. Res 2018-06 Support of the Opposition of the Practice of Conversion Therapy in the Village (PDF)
  33. Res 2018-05 Amend the Parking Enterprise Fee Schedule (PDF)
  34. Res 2018-04 Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing (PDF)
  35. Res 2018-03 Do Not Stand Idly By (PDF)
  36. Res 2018-02 Regarding International Migratory Bird Day (PDF)
  37. Res 2018-01 Authorizing for WI DNR Urban Nonpoint Source and Stormwater Management Grant (PDF)