Human Relations Commission


The Shorewood Village Board approved in 2017 the re-initiation of the Human Relations Commission.  The purpose of the Commission is to:

  • Advocate for the rights and values of our community through the protection of human and civil rights.
  • Listen to community member(s) grievances and complaints relating to discrimination, harassment, vandalism involving a hate crime, and intimidation based on race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, sexual or gender identity or a physical or mental disability (further defined as underrepresented groups) so that additional resources and assistance from outside agencies can be referred to the community member(s). 
  • Use various outreach tools to facilitate and increase resources to community members and businesses with concerns relating to race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, sexual or gender identity or a physical or mental disability.
  • Create an annual report to identify and analyze trends and community concerns brought to the Council.  Present the report to the Village Board for determining board and/or police action.
  • Provide and coordinate educational resources and events to strengthen relationships as well as reduce inter-group tensions by ensuring equality of treatment and opportunity to all who live, work, and gather in the Village of Shorewood.
  • Assess and coordinate outreach efforts with public organizations and advocacy groups to educate and raise awareness of existing services to underrepresented groups.
  • Review internal public organizational processes, procedures, and facilities to determine and/or make recommendations to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with municipal, county, state, federal and other agencies or organizations in order to promote dialog and understanding for better human relations.
  • Report to Shorewood Village Police Commission, on an as needed basis, of incidences related to race and policing in the community.
  • Provide resources to community members that have concerns related to discrimination in hiring, customer treatment, and business practices of businesses operating in the Village of Shorewood.  This includes working with the Shorewood Business Improvement District to address any concerns related to businesses in our community.


The Commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the Village Board. The Judiciary, Personnel and Licensing Committee of the Village Board shall be responsible for reviewing applications, appointing members, and considering the removal of members, if necessary. The Village will be responsible for initiating the application process, managing the term expirations, and promoting Commission vacancies. The Shorewood School District will assign staff or officials to be present when available to provide recommendations on appointed members.

Members must be a Shorewood resident. At least four of the seven members are required to have some experience with the underrepresented groups listed in § 26-1. Members should reasonably reflect the diversity in the Shorewood community.

Ex-officio members shall consist of a School Board representative, Village Board representative, and up to two students determined by Shorewood High School.

Members shall serve a term of three years, provided that the initial Commission shall consist of three members appointed for a three-year term, two members appointed for a two-year term, and two members appointed for a one-year term. Upon expiration.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please see the links below. The application will be kept on file and considered when there is a committee vacancy.

VOLUNTEER FORM (printable)

VOLUNTEER FORM (online and fillable)

Staff Liaison

If you would like to contact members of the citizen committee, please email the staff liaison listed below:

Tyler Burkart, Assistant Village Manager