Special Area Plans & Reports

The Village of Shorewood has adopted or been involved with several Special Area Plans and Reports to help assist its community development efforts. These are the plans that help guide community decisions and their implementation results in the future vision of Shorewood.

Central District Master Plan

In 2015 the Village updated the 2006 Central District Master Plan. The main goals of this plan are to build upon the District's assets, identify a more consistent land use and development strategy, and retain the eclectic, mixed-use, historic character of Shorewood.

CDA & Congress for New Urbanism Collaboration

On May 17, 2016, the CNU hosted an event, coordinating with the CDA and Business Improvement District (BID). They presented a history of Shorewood's progress over the past 10 years throughout the commercial district. After, a panel discussion made up of a developer, two village representatives, a BID representative, financial and a real estate attorney took place.

Check out the presentation's slide show (PDF), providing before and after pictures of key projects.