Shorewood Short Video Series

The Shorewood Short video series is a compilation of one minute videos that explore the things that make Shorewood such a great place to live, work and play.

The Village's Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee partnered with students Reed Falkner and Sophie D'Amato to create the video series.  This is a collaborative effort between the Village of Shorewood, the Shorewood School District, the Shorewood Business Improvement District, and the Community Development Authority.  Please share with your friends and neighbors, and let us use this as an opportunity to celebrate Shorewood!  

Part 1 - Shorewood Farmer's Market

Part 2 - Public Art

Part 3 - Multi-generational Community

Part 4 - Business Improvement District

Part 5 - Bicycle Friendly Community

Part 6 - Estabrook Park

Part 7 - Atwater Beach

Part 8 - Volunteering & Ice Captains

Part 9 - Celebrating the Student Experience

Part 10 - Hubbard Park & the Summer Concert Series

Part 11 - Neighborhood Block Parties

Part 12 - Fourth of July Parade and Celebration