Get Outside - Where to Walk?

Walking is great for you and your dog! Daily exercise is just as important for your dogs too. In Shorewood, walk your dogs with a maximum 6’ leash to make sure kids, people and other dogs are safe. You may have a lover, but another dog may be a fighter. Here are locations where you dogs are welcome to walk you:

  • On paved paths of Atwater Park (above the gate to the beach), Hubbard and River Parks
  • Anywhere on city sidewalks

The Village of Shorewood, like most municipalities nationwide, have ordinances that don’t allow dogs in public parks, and especially on beaches. Often this is because dog owners don’t pick-up their pet’s waste.  Click here for Shorewood’s ordinances.

Help us get the facts out there and create a safer place with cleaner water.

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Want to Learn While You Walk?

Grab one our great walking tours! Click on image to download.

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street tree walking tour