1. Resolution 2019-01 to Amend Polling Location for Wards 9, 10, 11, 12 for the Village of Shorewood
  2. Resolution 2019-02 Amending the Designation of Polling Location Election Wards 9, 10, 11, and 12
  3. Resolution 2019-03 Approve the Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Teams Agreement
  4. Resolution 2019-04 Local Road Improvement Program Wilson Drive Reconstruction Pedestrian and Bicycle
  5. Resolution 2019-05 Regarding International Migratory Bird Day in the Village of Shorewood
  6. Resolution 2019-06 Confirming Obligation to Contribute to North Shore Fire Departments Budget to Pay
  7. Resolution 2019-07 Approving the Single or Multi-Year Capital Budget to Remodel the Whitefish Bay Fi
  8. Resolution 2019-08 Supporting a Change in State of Wisconsin Statutes Exempting Tax Levy Authorized
  9. Resolution 2019-09 Supporting State of Wisconsin Levy Limit Exemptions for Consolidated Dispatch Cen
  10. Resolution 2019-10 Authorizing the Partial Redemption of Taxable General Obligation Corporate Purpos
  11. Resolution 2019-11 Related to the Replacement of Sidewalks and Carriage Walks for 2019
  12. Resolution 2019-12 Confirming Obligation to Contribute to North Shorew Fire Department Budget to Pay Service on Bonds Issued by the Village of WF
  13. Resolution 2019-13 Regarding the WDNR NR 208 2018 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report
  14. Resolution 2019-14 Authorizing an Exception to the Levy Limits for Charges for the NSFD Pursuant to 2005 Wisconsin ACT 484
  15. Resolution 2019-15 Approving the 2020 North Shore Fire Department Fees for Service Schedule
  16. Resolution 2019-16 Confirming Obligation to Contribute to NSFD Budget to Pay Debt Service on Bonds Issued by the V WFB on Behalf of the NSFD
  17. Resolution 2019-17 Approving the Single or Multi Year Capital Budget to Remodel the Shorewood Fire Station in 2020