Lead Water Services

The majority of the homes in Shorewood were constructed in an era when lead was the material of choice for water lines and plumbing components. It is estimated that approximately 90% of the homes in Shorewood have lead water services.

It has been the Village’s policy to replace the municipal portion of the lead service (please see definition at right) in conjunction with water main replacement projects. This will continue with the 2020 Infrastructure Improvement Programs.

Replacement Program

A program, developed by the Shorewood Water Utility and Public Works staff in conjunction with the North Shore Health Department, addresses the replacement of lead services. The program was modeled on one developed by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works and includes best practices of the American Water Works Association.

The Shorewood program includes three components:

  • Public Education and Information
  • Removing Lead from the Public Distribution System
  • Protecting our Customers

To read more, please see the Lead Service Replacement Program document.

2021 Program Area

The 2021 Watermain Replacement project includes the 3800-3900 blocks of N. Frederick Avenue. Please view the project webpage for more information.

AWWA Lead Service Information Video

AWWA lead services video
service ownership graphic

Definition of the Public Service & the Private Service

Water is delivered from the Village-owned watermain in the street to a private building through the water service lateral or line, commonly referred to as the service. The service is comprised of two distinct parts: the municipal or Village service and the private service.

The Village service is the section located in the area from the water main to and through the curb stop (the property's water shut off valve). This section is owned and maintained by the Village of Shorewood.

The second section, the private service, is located from the curb stop into the building. This section is owned and maintained by the property owner as outlined in the Village Code §415-20.C.

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