Sanitary Sewer System

The Shorewood Sewer Utility operates and maintains a collection system of approximately 158,400 lineal feet of sewers. Separate sanitary sewers comprise approximately 40% of the village's sewer conveyance system. The sewers range in size from 8 to 72 inches in diameter and pipe materials include concrete, clay, and brick. Much of the original sewer infrastructure, including private laterals, dates to the early to mid-1900's. The separate system serves the area approximately west of North Oakland Avenue (see a map (PDF)).

The graphic illustrates the workings of a typical separated sewer system. Separate systems are designed to collect only wastewater for treatment. Stormwater is collected and conveyed to a surface discharge point via a separate pipe.

The wastewater from the Village collection system discharges to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District via several connections to the Metropolitan Interceptor Sewer (MIS) which runs approximately parallel to the Milwaukee River.

Separated Sewer System Diagram

Capacity Assurance, Management, Operations, & Maintenance (CMOM) Plan

In 2009 the Village of Shorewood completed a Capacity Assurance, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) Plan. This comprehensive program has several objectives:

  • Ensure that communities have adequate wastewater collection capacity.
  • Improve the operation and performance of a municipal sanitary sewer collection system.
  • Evaluate areas of excessive inflow of precipitation or groundwater into the system.
  • Conduct conduct maintenance and repairs needed to prevent problems.
  • Reduce the frequency and occurrence of sewer overflows and basement backups.
  • Provide more effective public notification when overflows do occur.