What to Expect

Water meter replacements will be performed according to the general schedule posted on the Schedule Information page.

Appointment Notice and Scheduling

Utility customers will be mailed an appointment notice letter. The timing of this notice will be in accordance with the anticipated schedule. Upon receipt of the notice, residents are asked to schedule the meter replacement appointment either via telephone or online as provided in the letter.


An adult age 18 or older must be present at the appointment. In most instances, representatives from Vanguard Utility Services, the Village's contractor, will perform the meter replacement though in some cases the work may be performed by Shorewood Utility staff. 

Vanguard representatives will have photo identification which can be verified on our Meter Installers page.

The appointment will take 30-60 minutes and will include the removal of the existing water meter, the installation of a new meter and the installation of the meter transmission unit. 

If the homeowner' private valves are not in good working order and the homeowner requests the use of the Village's curb stop valve during the meter change process, the reconnection fee set forth by the PSC in the Village's most current Rate File (page 13) shall apply.

Cross Connection Inspection

Upon completion of the meter replacement, the installer will perform a cross connection inspection. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires all public water suppliers to maintain an on-going Cross Connection Control Program involving public education, onsite inspections and possible corrective action by building owners if required. Please visit our Cross Connection Control Program page for more information. 

Missed Appointments or Non-Reponses

If a scheduled appointment is not kept, a fee will be assessed to the utility bill. If no response is made to the initial appointment notice, a follow-up letter(s) will be sent. Per Public Service Commission requirements, if no response is received following a third notice, water service may be discontinued.

Water Bill

The new meters will report consumption in gallons rather than cubic feet. Utility bills will be updated to reflect this change.

More questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional details.