Southeast Area Combined Sewer Improvements

The proposal submission deadline has been extended to Friday, February 7 at 11:00 a.m.

The Village of Shorewood is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide engineering design, project management and construction inspection for the proposed Southeast Area Combined Sewer Improvement (SEACSI) program.  The contract will be administered by Department of Public Works staff.

Request for Proposals Document (pdf)
Cost Proposal Form (Excel document)


  • Please provide five (5) hard copies and (1) digital copy of the proposal to:
    Leeann Butschlick, Director of Public Works
    3801 N. Morris Boulevard
    Shorewood WI, 53211
  • Deadline: Friday, February 7, 2020
    11:00 A.M. CST

  • Proposals will be accepted on or before the deadline identified above. Proposals received after that date and time will be rejected. Proposals will not be opened publicly.
  • Questions regarding this RFP should only be directed to staff member identified above.  Contact with elected officials, committee members and other staff members is grounds for disqualification.

During the late afternoon and early evening hours of July 22, 2010 approximately eight inches of rain fell on the Village causing widespread flooding and property damage. Sewer system failures occurred in the Village’s separate and combined sewer service areas. This was at least the sixth such notable rain event since 1997 which caused extensive property resulting from basement back-ups.

A Comprehensive Facility Plan was commissioned and solution alternatives were published in mid-2011.  The recommended alternative – new storm sewer construction in the combined area – was ultimately determined to be cost prohibitive and infeasible from a regulatory perspective. The eventual preferred recommendation included a mix of combined sewer capacity increases and relief sewers. In 2014 a study was conducted by MMSD to evaluate potential combined sewer alternatives; an independent cost review of the CSA improvement alternatives was commissioned by the Village in 2015.

A consultant-led Combined Sewer Service Area Environmental Assessment was conducted by the Village in 2016 and published as MMSD completed an evaluation of the effectives of additional MIS capacity on Edgewood Avenue to improve combined sewer service to the Village of Shorewood and City of Milwaukee.

The Village’s consultant engineer drafted a supplementary memo to the CSAEA outlining revised recommendations utilizing the proposed MMSD improvement as the foundation for planned municipal system improvements.  The Village’s 2019 Long Range Financial Plan included a proposed four phase program for the CSA improvements (Exhibit A); the 2020 LRP condensed the sewer work to three phases (Exhibit B). Please note the Lake Drive sewer improvements are anticipated to be included in a WisDOT let project currently scheduled for 2025/2026.

The Southeast Area Combined Sewer Improvements, as currently proposed, includes the design of approximately 11,000 of sewer pipe:

  • 5,129 feet of 24-inch pipe
  • 1,794 feet of 30-inch pipe
  • 1,900 feet of 42-inch pipe
  • 1,356 feet of 66-inch pipe
  • 1,110 feet of 72-inch pipe

 The project will also include association pavement reconstruction and the installation of approximately 686 feet of water main, including 12 municipal service connections. Please see Exhibit C for project plan and cost estimate detail.

The Village of Shorewood seeks to retain a consulting engineer to provide project management, engineering design, and construction inspection services through all phases of the proposed SEASCI program.