Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040

Possible Amendment

In conjunction with the Village's ongoing Commercial Zoning Update, which was recommended as a Strategic Initiative, the Village is contemplating a possible amendment to its comprehensive plan.  As required by State Statute, a Public Participation Plan has been adopted to guide the process.  Public engagement efforts associated with the possible amendment will be held alongside the public review of the Commercial Zoning Update, which included a public open house on Wednesday, November 16th.

The possible amendment relates to the narrative description of the Central District Future Land Use Subcategories on pages 173-175. Three of the defined subcategories require "ground-floor non-residential development." However, the Commercial Zoning Update is recommending that ground-floor residential development be permitted in additional parts of the commercial corridor based on a revised zoning approach that features more nuance. This approach is believed to be more responsive to actual market demands and aligns with the Village's goal of additional housing development.  Here is a link to the proposed amendment.

Comments on the proposed amendment may be submitted to Bart Griepentrog.

Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for both short-range and long-raShorewood 2040 Comp Plan Logonge growth, redevelopment, and preservation of the community and will be used by Village officials as a policy guide to help make decisions regarding the future of Shorewood. In Wisconsin, Comprehensive Planning is mandated by State Statute 66.1001.  Adopted on April 19, 2021, Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040 is an update of the Village’s previous Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2011.

Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040 is intended to guide the Village for the next 10-20 years. The Comprehensive Plan details four Strategic Directions that reflect the Village’s top priorities to focus on in the next 5 years. These priorities emerged following extensive input from Village residents, business owners, and officials.

Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040

Map 2.1 - Redlining
Map 2.2 - Housing Unit by Type
Map 2.3 - Structure by Year of Construction
Map 3.1 - Street Classification
Map 3.2 - Transit Ridership
Map 3.3 - Bicycle Facilities 
Map 3.4 - Completed Road and Alley Improvements
Map 3.5 - Proposed Road and Alley Improvements
Map 4.1 - Sewer Basin
Map 4.2 - Community Facilities
Map 5.1 - Watersheds and Flood Plans (SEWRPC)
Map 5.2 - Parks and Open Spaces
Map 5.3 - Estabrook Park Map (Milwaukee County)
Map 5.4 - Cultural Resources
Map 6.1 - Business Improvement District
Map 6.2 - Redevelopment Opportunities Analysis
Map 6.3 - Tax Incremental Districts
Map 8.1 - Existing Land Uses
Map 8.2 - Future Land Uses