Signaling History: Signal Box Artwork

Summary of Project

Public Art Shorewood announces the installation of artistic designs on the eleven traffic signal boxes in Shorewood.

Artists’ designs were inspired by the history of Shorewood. Each artist’s design represents some aspect of Shorewood’s history. Most of the artists have roots in Shorewood. Each artist has provided their individual perspective on our community, past and present.

Public Art Shorewood has created a walking tour brochure that will lead folks on a walk, bike, or car tour around the places in the Village where the eleven signal boxes are located. It is a 3-mile route. The brochures are in the form of a map and will be available at the Library, Village Hall and Police Station by mid-September. A special container for the brochures will be located at signal box number 1 at Capitol and Wilson Drive.

Click here to access the 3-mile walking map of all 11 signal light boxes and design statements for each pieces of artwork.

List of Artists

Thank you to all the following artists who submitted artwork that was installed on the light boxes:

  • Ken Vonderberg
  • John O'Hara
  • Rosy Petri
  • James Kloiber
  • Rochelle Carr
  • Jenny Heyden
  • Bela Suresh Roongta
  • Emma Daisy
  • Jennifer Vulpas
  • Ari Rosenthal
  • Madeline Martin
public art shorewood
control box old capitol Dr

List of Donors

The project could not have been done without the support of the Shorewood Foundation and the Shorewood Historical Society along with other organizations, families and individuals who sponsored the boxes.

We would like to thank the following donors for their support:
  • Shorewood Historical Society
  • Shorewood Woman’s Club
  • Shorewood Men’s Club
  • Scott and Anderson families
  • Pete and Lucia Petrie and family
  • Worth Realty - Ken Payne
  • Ridgefield Circle Neighbors
  • Dick and Carol Eschner and family
  • Diane and David Buck
  • Leslie Grinker and family
  • Dow and Franceschi families in Memory of Anne Dow