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Clerk & Customer Service Department

  1. Update Utility Bill Information

    Please use this form to update ownership or mailing information on your UTILITY BILL. Updates will be processed weekly but many not... More…


  1. Building Permit - Roof

    Building permit for roofing projects

Senior Resource Center

  1. Join SRC Mailing List

    Click here to submit a form via email to join the Shorewood Senior Resource Center's newsletter mailing list.

Shorewood 2040

  1. Shorewood 2040 Input

    Questions and comments pertaining to Shorewood 2040 will be welcomed throughout the Comprehensive Plan Update process.

Water Utility

  1. Final Meter Read by Owner

    Provide meter information for issuance of final utility bill.

  2. Water Shut-off Request

    48 hour notice is REQUIRED for water shut-off at the curb stop. If this is an emergency please contact the Department of Public Works... More…

  1. Final Meter Read by Utility Staff

    Request a final read of the water meter.