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Citizens' Academy Application

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  3. I certify that all statements made on this application are true and complete. I authorize any individual, company, organization or institution to release any and all information concerning statements made by me on this application, and do hereby release all parties and individuals connected therewith from all liabilities for any damages whatsoever incurred in furnishing such information. I agree and understand that any deliberate misstatement or omission of material facts may disqualify me from attending the Citizens’ Police Academy. I understand that participating in the Citizens’ Police Academy, does not qualify me as being a police officer or an employee of the Village of Shorewood. The Shorewood Police Department reserves the right to refuse any applicants from participation in the academy program for any reason including those with criminal records, lengthy police contacts, or who would compromise objectives of the academy by being disruptive. The Shorewood Police Department will not discriminate against applicants based on sex, race, religion, handicap, or sexual orientation.
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