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Community Member Comments, Complaints, and Compliments

  1. Village of Shorewood - Community Member Comments, Complaints, and Compliments

    The Village of Shorewood encourages your feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards, and welcome your recommendations of employee performance, or your complaints about the actions of any employee of the village.  The Village takes seriously all complaints including anonymous complaints regarding the service provided by the Village and the Police Department and the conduct of all employees. The Village and the Police Department will accept and address all complaints of misconduct in accordance with policy and applicable federal, state and local law.

    No member of the Village or the Shorewood Police Department will attempt to interfere or influence your right to complain about the service this department provides to you. Your complaint will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. You may refer to the community member brochure that further explains the process and defines possible findings.

    Feel free to also print out this form and turn in to the Shorewood Police Department, Village Hall, the Library, or the white mail box located behind Village Hall.

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    To encourage comments, complaints, and compliments, all individuals, regardless of their immigration status, contacting the Village or Police Department will not lead to an immigration inquiry.

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    Shorewood Police Department's Community Member Complaint Procedure Brochure:

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