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Final Meter Read by Owner

  1. Final Meter Read with Information Provided by Owner
    Information below is required for a final water meter read. Upon submission, Shorewood Utility staff will read the meter and a final bill will be issued..
  2. utiliy color
  3. 12 digit number format XX-XXXXXXXX-XX
  4. Include all digits (with decimal point if present)
  5. Acknowledge Fee*
    A fee of $35 will be included in the final issued bill.
  6. Employee initials if submitted by staff.
  7. Update Utility Records
    When moving or selling a property, customers should contact the utility and request that their names be removed from the mailing address of utility bills for that property. These requests can be made online at, or in person at the Village Hall Customer Service counter.
  8. Please provide your email if you wish to have copy of final bill sent electronically.
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