What about my special conditions or requests?
Residents may have plants, decorative stone, buried sprinklers, buried electric pet containment fences, or other obstructions that may impact the scheduled work. All buried sprinkler systems and pet fences must be clearly marked with white spray paint and/or white flags before the contractor begins work and through the duration of the project. The contractor starts the project sometimes using a root-saw in areas that tree roots heaved or will heave the concrete in the future.

The Village and contractor are not responsible for damage to utilities installed by the property owner not clearly marked as described above. All other utilities such as gas, electric, cable, and telephone will be marked by "Diggers Hotline". You will see further markings in various colors that correspond to these utilities. Questions regarding these should be directed to the utilities themselves. Typically, residents also have vacations, parties, home projects, and other events that may conflict with the scheduled work. Special conditions and requests received by the village in a timely manner will be given to the contractor for consideration.

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1. Why is this project necessary?
2. Who will be doing the work?
3. How do I know what public sidewalk will be replaced?
4. Will you also replace the sidewalk between the street and the sidewalk (carriage walk)?
5. What will the cost of replacing the sidewalk be for me?
6. Will the project include the replacement of the driveway apron?
7. When will the project be started and completed?
8. When will the contractor get to me?
9. What if use and access of my driveway is affected by this work?
10. What about my special conditions or requests?
11. How is restoration of turf handled?
12. When is my payment due?
13. Whom can I contact with questions?