Shorewood 2040

This site is the place to learn about the development of the ten-year update of the Village of Shorewood’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the short-range and long-range growth, redevelopment and preservation of the community and will be used by Village officials as a policy guide to help make decisions regarding the future of Shorewood.  The Comprehensive Plan is an update of the Village’s existing Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2011.


Comprehensive Plan 2040 is intended to guide the Village for the next 10-20 years. The Comprehensive Plan also includes four Strategic Directions that reflect the Village’s top priorities to focus on in the next 5 years. These priorities emerged following extensive input from Village residents, business owners, and officials.

Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040 (March 19, 2021) - DRAFT

On March 17, 2021 the Village hosted a virtual public meeting to provide an overview of the current draft plan and solicit feedback on land use recommendations and strategic directions.  A recording of the meeting is available for viewing.  On March 23, 2021 the Plan Commission recommended that the Village Board consider adoption of the current draft.  That consideration is scheduled for April 19, 2021 via public hearing.  Prior to the public hearing, a joint meeting of the Plan Commission and Committee of the Whole has been scheduled to further discuss the draft plan.

Project Overview

The 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update will review the Village’s current Comprehensive Plan 2030 and confirm the future vision for Shorewood 2040.  The Village has hired Vandewalle & Associates to assist with the effort, which is being led by the Plan Commission.  The effort will be undertaken in compliance with Wisconsin State Statute 66.1001.

Project Schedule

The project commenced in June 2020 with public participation and draft elements to be completed throughout the summer and early fall.  Plan adoption is expected to take place through the Village Board in early 2021.

Public Participation Plan

The Village Board adopted the Project’s Public Participation Plan on July 6.  This plan describes the Village’s commitment to public participation in the planning process.  As the planning process unfolds, the Village may incorporate additional input opportunities beyond those listed in the adopted Public Participation Plan.  

Next Meetings

A public hearing has been scheduled for Village Board consideration on April 19, 2021.

Visit this page for updates, as meeting dates are subject to change.  Check the Village Calendar or Agenda Center to view upcoming meetings and participation details.

How to Get Involved

Questions and comments throughout the effort may be submitted though the following form: Shorewood 2040 Input.